Well, it has been over a year since I have posted, and I think everyone can relate to the insanity that life has become in the past year. Life continues to throw unexpected curve balls at us all, and while blogging isn’t the highest priority for me, it should at least be an effort. Everything is ultimately a balancing act, and for me that includes being a father, husband, employee, manager, college student, and various other things. My hope is to take a different approach to blogging and try to do shorter posts and break them into multiple posts if necessary. This should make getting content on here at least a little easier. In the past my approach has been to write many page long posts comparable to https://waitbutwhy.com/ which by the way has a ton of great content, but the author also tends to write gigantic posts. I think the perfect way to kick this off is writing a new post about building a new workstation, or at least refurbishing an old one.

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