Finally the site is really starting to come back together! For starters, I finally have a nice looking theme.

As I stated in the last post I prefer dark themed designs. Perhaps it is because I spend greater than eight hours a day staring at a screen and I find it easier on the eyes, or maybe it’s just because I like darker colors. It didn’t take me very long before I decided to go with a dark theme. Since I use Twitter Bootstrap as the front end design framework, I looked at a few different pre-designed color schemes and opted for one from Bootswatch. I will go into using Twitter Bootstrap later on in my article on working as a programmer. I also added a sidebar to the right with some easier to find groupings (categories and tags). I also made a few changes to the default page to make it look a little nicer. I also added navigation to the top; however, I have not done anything with the pages up there yet.

For those of you browsing on a mobile device, I have hidden the header image for easier display, so here is a screenshot of the main site page now. (Yes I realize this feels a bit like inception.) To see what the site used to look like, please see this post.

Pretty Site

I also added a few new features! Obviously, two of these are the categories and tags features. Categories are the overall organizational structure of site content. While I only have three presently (site updates, passwords, and vulnerabilities) there will be more as I add additional content (such as programming articles). Tags on the other hand, are more just specific topics discussed in an article/post. A post can have many tags, but it will always only belong to one category.

Also, I have added two extra features to each blog post. The first is the author field. While I will likely be the only individual writing here, I may have guest writers in the future. The other new feature is the target audience field. While the majority of the articles I write will not be targeted at any group in particular (classified as “Everyone”) there will be some articles eventually that will be targeted more towards end users or tech savvy individuals of certain disciplines (such as programmers or networking administrators). I went back and added these fields to each of the previous posts to help build consistency. More to come soon!

Live Free; Surf Secure!