I have completed migrating the old blog articles into this one. They are now all capable of being read and commented on. Google Analytics is added, but being tempermental, so I still need to work on that. However, I’m not very concerned on that as it’s mainly just to make sure the blog is actually being visited, not for marketing/sales purposes. To be clear, I’m not selling anything, not even your data.

So what’s next? Well, time to make this site look a little less, well bland… It looks like I barely even added any styles.

So we are clear why I am saying this, below is an image of the site as it stands right now.

Ugly Site

So, I’m usually a fan of dark themed sites; however, I’m not sold on that being the path I’m going to take with this yet. I will likely browse some of the latest Bootstrap themes or sites using it for inspiration. Once I figure that out, I’ll style the blog layout and the index page for a better experience. Then I want to get a mini-series going for what I basically do for a living, followed by some more site styling. So far, this version of the blog appears to be getting more attention than previous versions. Let’s hope I can maintain the momentum.

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